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SharePoint September 2020 Update Notes
March 2020 Update Provides SameSite Cookie Compatibility with Chrome
SharePoint Patch Script Major Update


Cloud Hybrid Search Failures


Foundation Sync Solution Updated
SharePoint 2013 Coverage
SharePoint 2013 October 2018 Updates
SharePoint 2013 September 2018 Updates
SharePoint 2013 August 2018 Updates
SharePoint 2013 July 2018 Updates
SharePoint 2013 June 2018 Updates
Clarification on Always On Availability Groups and SharePoint Server
SharePoint 2013 May 2018 Updates
SharePoint 2013 April 2018 Updates
Find the Workflow Manager Address from SharePoint
SharePoint 2013 March 2018 Updates
SharePoint 2013 February 2018 Updates
SharePoint 2013 January 2018 Updates


SharePoint 2013 December 2017 Updates
Enabling Kerberos on SharePoint
October 2017 CU Site Creation Error for SharePoint Foundation 2013
Sharepoint 2013 October 2017 Updates
SharePoint 2013 September 2017 Updates
SharePoint 2013 August 2017 Updates
SharePoint 2013 July 2017 Updates
SharePoint 2013 June 2017 Updates
SharePoint 2013 May 2017 Updates
SharePoint 2013 April 2017 Updates
SharePoint 2013 March 2017 Cumulative Updates


SharePoint 2013 December 2016 Cumulative Updates
Session State Causing Upgrade Failure
SharePoint 2010 and 2013 TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 Support
SharePoint 2013 November 2016 Cumulative Updates
Updated 5 Hour SharePoint Patch Script
Customizing the Search Control Display Template
SharePoint 2013 September 2016 Cumulative Updates
MS16-101 Prevents SharePoint From Changing Managed Account Passwords
SharePoint 2013 August 2016 Cumulative Updates
SharePoint 2013 July 2016 Cumulative Updates
Enabling the Office 365 (SuiteNav) in SharePoint 2013
Support for TLS 1.1 and 1.2 on SharePoint 2010 and 2013
SharePoint 2013 June 2016 Cumulative Updates
FoundationSync 2.7 Released
SharePoint Patch Build Numbers Module on GitHub
SharePoint 2013 May 2016 Cumulative Updates
SharePoint 2013 April 2016 Cumulative Updates
Access Request Emails Failing to Deliver
Replacing stsadm -o sync with PowerShell
SharePoint 2013 March 2016 Cumulative Updates
Error Setting the Regional Settings for a User Profile
How Initialize-SPResourceSecurity Works
SharePoint 2013 February 2016 Cumulative Updates
SharePoint 2013 January 2016 Cumulative Updates
MS16-004 Causes a TypeError on SharePoint Lists


Unable to Follow Content Programmatically
Context Sensitive List Search Broken by August 2015 CU
SharePoint 2013 December 2015 Cumulative Updates
SharePoint 2013 November 2015 Cumulative Updates
SharePoint 2013 October 2015 Cumulative Updates
SharePoint 2013 September 2015 Cumulative Updates
August 2015 CU Error – “File names can’t contain the following characters”
SharePoint 2013 August 2015 Cumulative Updates
SharePoint Support for Disabling SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0
SharePoint 2013 July 2015 Cumulative Updates
SharePoint EventCache Cmdlet
SharePoint 2013 June 2015 Cumulative Updates
SharePoint Patch Service New Features
All New FoundationSync for SharePoint
SharePoint 2013 May 2015 Cumulative Updates
MS15-036 and April 2015 CU CreatePage Issue
List of “Good” SharePoint 2013 Service Pack 1 Packages
Chrome Support of the SharePoint 2013 Media Webpart
SharePoint 2013 April 2015 Cumulative Updates
April Updates Unable to Install on Service Pack 1
March 2015 CU/MS15-022 Task List Filter Issue
SQL 2012 SP2, Reporting Services, and SharePoint Multi-Tenancy
SharePoint 2013 March 2015 Cumulative Updates
SharePoint 2013 February 2015 Public Updates
Quickly Migrate SharePoint Path-based to Host-named Site Collections
Creating Search Alerts in SharePoint 2013
PowerPivot Mid-Tier Process Account Does Not have Full Read
SharePoint DocKit 5.0.1 Review


SPCAF Review
FoundationSync 2.5 Release
SharePoint 2013 December 2014 Cumulative Updates
Test-SPContentDatabase Classic to Claims Conversion
SharePoint 2013 November 2014 Cumulative Updates
Reporting Services Feature Pack
The Dangers of AllowHttp for SharePoint
SharePoint 2013 September 2014 Cumulative Updates
The Expense of Application Pools
Unable to provision the Claims to Windows Token Service
SharePoint ASP.NET Compilation Errors (CS0016)
SharePoint 2013 July 2014 Cumulative Updates
SharePoint with Apache mod_proxy
Configuring SharePoint with PowerShell
Hyper-V Private Networks for SharePoint
Debugging SharePoint Slide deck
Workaround for April 2014 CU and MS14-022 Double Encoding Bug
SharePoint 2013 June 2014 Cumulative Updates
MS14-022 Known Issues
SharePoint 2013 April 2014 CU Claims Conversion Bug
Announcing the Release of Nauplius.SharePoint.BlobCache 1.8
SharePoint Database Availability Group Cmdlets
SharePoint 2013 Service Pack 1 Re-Released
SharePoint 2013 SP1 and Heartbleed
SharePoint 2013 April 2014 Cumulative Updates
Name User Profile Property Mapping Blank After Reprovisioning
Sharepoint Prerequisite Installer Download Links
SharePoint 2013 with Service Pack 1 ISOs Released
Re-calculate Site Storage Metrics On Demand
When the Configuration Cache Folder Goes Missing…
SharePoint 2013 Service Pack 1 Released
SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 with Yammer Integration
Announcing the Release of Nauplius.SharePoint.BlobCache 1.6
Using Sharepoint Automation Services Slides
What is the SharePoint Configuration Cache?
SharePoint and the Web Application Proxy Role
Unable to Move User Profile Property
PowerShell for People Picker Properties
People Picker Troubleshooting Tips
SharePoint Private Properties in PowerShell


Top 10 Posts of 2013
New Release - Crawl Target Solution for SharePoint
No Activity in User Profile Synchronization During User Sync
The Magic of Get-SPProduct -Local
Visio Services Missing Images
Targeting the Search Crawler to a Specific Server
SharePoint 2013 – Bug with Alert Me on a Discussion Item
New SharePoint 2013 Cmdlet - Update-SPHelp
Announcing the Release of Nauplius.SharePoint.BlobCache 1.5
Announcing the Release of Nauplius.SP.UserSync 1.2
Timer Jobs Stuck in Running Queue
Microsoft, Save Us From Your Plugins!
Announcing Beta 1 of Nauplius.PAS – A SharePoint PowerPoint Automation Services User Interface
User Profile Pictures, Exchange 2013, and SharePoint
SharePoint 2013 October 2013 Cumulative Updates
Setting SharePoint Alerts on Active Directory Security Groups
TraceSeverity.None Throws Exception
Goodbye UPSS, Hello FIM! SPSRed Slides
Office 2010 Update KB2760758 Incorrectly Checks Multi-Line Columns
Maximum Distance for Stretched SharePoint Farms
Excel Power Query – Loading SharePoint Document Library Data
Nauplius.ADLDS.Provider 1.5 Release
Nauplius.SP.UserSync – Update for SharePoint 2013
SharePoint 2013 August 2013 Cumulative Updates
Update on Incoming Email Job Lock Type Change Between SharePoint 2010 and 2013
Creating a SQL Server Availability Group via PowerShell
Adding and Removing SharePoint Templates from a Web
Using PowerShell to Manage SharePoint Information Rights Management Settings
Using PowerShell to Manage SharePoint Email Settings
SharePoint 2013 Basic Search Center Navigation Settings Breaks in June 2013 CU
List of SharePoint Security Updates
Nauplius.WAS 1.6 Released!
SharePoint 2013 June 2013 Cumulative Updates
Using an External Identity Manager for SharePoint User Profile Synchronization
SharePoint’s Support for URL Rewrite
SharePoint DocKit 3.2.1 Review
Using Application Request Routing as a Reverse Proxy for SharePoint
Nauplius.WAS 1.5 Released for SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013
Nauplius.WAS 1.01 Release – Update for SharePoint 2010 and support for SharePoint 2013
SharePoint 2013 April 2013 Cumulative Update Fails
Slow SharePoint 2013 April 2013 Cumulative Update Extraction
Slipstreaming the SharePoint 2013 April 2013 Cumulative Update
Nauplius.WAS 0.1 Release
SharePoint 2013 April 2013 Cumulative Updates
April 2013 Cumulative Update and MS13-035 BlobCache Errors
Nauplius.ADLDS.Provider.2013 1.0 Released
The Fill Factor Mystery
SharePoint Foundation 2013, the LdapMembershipProvider and LdapRoleProvider Class
Incoming Email Service Job Lock Type Change between SharePoint 2010 and 2013
Exporting the SharePoint Root Authority Certificate from PowerShell
SharePoint Health Analyzer Rules Cannot be Automatically Activated During F5 Deployment
Farm Solution Deployment Problems – “Could not load file or assembly…”
SharePoint March 2013 Updates
Users with Commas in their DisplayName Cannot be Found by Gantt Charts and Datasheet Views
Nauplius.ADLDS.Provider 1.0 Released
Mapping Guids in IIS with Friendly Names
A Practical Guide to Implementing Incoming Email using the SharePoint Directory Management Service
PeoplePicker Port Tester v1.0
Supported file formats in the SharePoint 2013 Media Web Part
December 2012 Update for SharePoint 2013
December 2012 patch for SharePoint 2013 breaks MySite Site Creation


SharePoint 2013 for Education
SharePoint 2013 and Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services – Small Changes Required
Nauplius.SharePoint.BlobCache 1.1 Release
Windows, SharePoint, and IPv6
PeoplePicker Port Tester


Iisreset Not Required After Starting User Profile Sync Service