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New Discord Server to Discuss SharePoint and M365!
Happy Birthday, SharePoint!


SharePoint Updates Service Update
Recommended Ignite 2020 Videos for Microsoft 365
SharePoint Patch Script Published to the PowerShell Gallery
SharePoint Patch Script Major Update


Deploying SharePoint 2019 Book Out Now
New Site for The SharePoint Farm


Office 365 Saturday Redmond 2018 Slides
Foundation Sync Solution Updated
SharePoint Ring


Deploying SharePoint 2016 Book is Available!
Deploying SharePoint 2016
FoundationSync 2.7 Released
Discontinuing SharePoint 2010 Coverage – SharePoint 2016 RTMs
Enhancements on
Top Posts of 2015


SharePoint Updates Improvements
ew SharePoint Updates Cmdlets Available
SharePoint Updates – Now with RSS!
SharePoint EventCache Cmdlet
Update to the SharePoint Patch Service
The SharePoint Patch API is now at!
SharePoint Patch Service New Features
All New FoundationSync for SharePoint
Announcing the SharePoint Patch Service


SPCAF Review
FoundationSync 2.5 Release
Renewed as a SharePoint MVP
SharePoint Default Timeouts
Debugging SharePoint Slide deck
Announcing the Release of Nauplius.SharePoint.BlobCache 1.8
SharePointBAC 1.1.1 Release
Announcing the Release of Nauplius.SharePoint.BlobCache 1.6


Top 10 Posts of 2013
Changing Domains!
New Release - Crawl Target Solution for SharePoint
Become a Rockstar!
Announcing the Release of Nauplius.SharePoint.BlobCache 1.5
Announcing the Release of Nauplius.SP.UserSync 1.2
Support the Relief Efforts for the Typhoon Haiyan Victims and Receive SharePoint Consulting!
Announcing Beta 1 of Nauplius.PAS – A SharePoint PowerPoint Automation Services User Interface
Troubleshooting SharePoint 101
Open Source SharePoint Solutions
Renewed as SharePoint MVP
Goodbye UPSS, Hello FIM! SPSRed Slides
My Thoughts on the Death of the MCM Program
Speaking at SharePoint Saturday Redmond
Nauplius.ADLDS.Provider 1.5 Release
Nauplius.SP.UserSync – Update for SharePoint 2013
SharePoint Analogies
What Makes a Great SharePoint Administrator?
How to Ask for Help on the TechNet SharePoint Forums
Nauplius.WAS 1.6 Released!
Site Changes – SharePoint Patch Recommendations
SharePoint Community
Nauplius.WAS 1.5 Released for SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013
Nauplius.WAS 1.01 Release – Update for SharePoint 2010 and support for SharePoint 2013
Nauplius.WAS 1.0 Released
Nauplius.ADLDS.Provider.2013 1.0 Released
Nauplius.ADLDS.FBA 1.6
Nauplius.SP.UserSync Release – SharePoint Foundation User Synchronization
Nauplius.ADLDS.FBA 1.5 Beta
Nauplius.ADLDS.Provider 1.0 Released
AD LDS Provider for SharePoint 2010 Foundation
Nauplius.ADLDS.FBA Alpha 2
Nauplius.ADLDS.FBA Alpha
PeoplePicker Port Tester v1.0
RSS Feed Url


SharePoint 2013 and Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services – Small Changes Required
SharePoint 2010 and 2013 Sample Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services Configuration Files
Nauplius.SharePoint.BlobCache 1.1 Release
Nauplius AD LDS User Profile Import 1.0 Released
Nauplius AD LDS/ADAM User Profile Import RC1


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