Microsoft Identity Manager

Microsoft Identity Manager Series Supporting SharePoint Server 2016

Part 1: Automating MIM User Profile Synchronization with SharePoint 2016

Part 2: Using MIM to Import Custom Attributes into SharePoint 2016

Part 3: Using MIM to Export Custom Attributes from SharePoint 2016

Part 4: Default MIM to SharePoint 2016 Attribute Mappings

Part 5: Basic MIM Configuration to Support SharePoint 2016

Part 6: Scoping the Active Directory Management Agent in MIM

This series will take you through working with advanced scenarios that require Microsoft Identity Manager in SharePoint Server 2016.

If using a pre-February 2017 Public Update build for SharePoint Server 2016, review the below required PowerShell.

Additional PowerShell Required for Microsoft Identity Manager

If using the February 2017 Public Update, review the below for required PowerShell.

Microsoft Identity Manager NoILMUsed Bug Fixed