New Site for The SharePoint Farm

If it isn’t too obvious, The SharePoint Farm is running on a brand new site and brand new platform! Specifically, GitHub Pages. The primary driver of this change is to simply not have to work with WordPress anymore. Between the constant updates of the software, potential security issues, the new WordPress 5 editor, and performance. As you’ll probably see, this site is extremely fast thanks to Jekyll and Liquid producing static pages. And as a plus, the site is responsive out of the box – and thanks to the speed of static pages, it should render much faster on mobile devices.

A few things have changed which I’ll look into fixing at a later date, namely the contact page and comments. I currently do not have either. But you can still get a hold of me via Twitter @NaupliusTrevor. Feel free to DM me as needed.

Due to the single level structure of the menu, I’ve moved a few things under the More Resources page. These are older articles which do not have ‘current’ relevance. Other than that, the entire site content and URLs should be identical. Old links should still work as they did previously.

If you find anything broken, be it links, images, or rendering, I’d like to hear about it. I’ve tested on Chrome, Edge (RIP), Firefox, IE 11, and Safari on iOS and they seem to all work correctly.

I hope you like the change! -Trevor