Determine Minrole Compliance Via Powershell Part 2

With the release of the April 2017 Public Update, it is now possible to determine MinRole Compliance via PowerShell without any reflection! The process is simple, and as before, it returns a boolean value of true if compliant, false if not, and no value is returned when using the Custom role.

$server = Get-SPServer serverName

To check on all servers in the farm, use:

``powershell Get-SPServer | ?{$_.Role -ne ‘Invalid’} | Select Name,Role,CompliantWithMinRole

The output will be similar to:

Name                              Role CompliantWithMinRole
----                              ---- --------------------
CASP01 WebFrontEndWithDistributedCache                 True
CASP02 WebFrontEndWithDistributedCache                 True
CASP03           ApplicationWithSearch                 True
CASP04           ApplicationWithSearch                 True

And that’s it!