Microsoft Identity Manager NoILMUsed Bug Fixed

Microsoft Identity Manager required the use of the NoILMUsed property on the User Profile Service Application in SharePoint Server 2016 due to a bug that has now been fixed with the release of the February 2017 Public Update. There’s a catch, though… the required timer job isn’t installed due to a bug.

With the February 2017 Public Update release, a new timer job named ExternalIdentityManagerMembershipsAndRelationshipsJob is included. While it was intended to be provisioned automatically, just like with any other patch that introduced new timer jobs, that process isn’t taking place. The resolution, which will hopefully be fixed for the March 2017 Public Update, is quite easy. Simply re-provision the User Profile Service Application like so:

Once this completes, validate the timer job now exists using PowerShell.

Also remember, if you’ve implemented the NoILMUsed property, to revert or the new job will not run.

The job itself is pretty simple. It resolves the issue with the manager Profile property being blank as well as fixes the issue with Audiences not showing any membership based on Active Directory attributes. What this job does is execute two new stored procedures in the Profile database — ImportExport_PostImportMembers and ImportExport_PostImportUserProperties.

Lastly, here is a property overview of the new timer job.



  1. Greeeaaat! I had been waiting for this and now it finally is solved.

  2. Great fix! And not in the March CU :/

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