Deploying SharePoint 2016 Book is Available!

Deploying SharePoint 2016, a book Vlad Catrinescu and I wrote, is now available! This book is an intermediate to advanced book, detailing building a dedicated MinRole farm with additional components such as Office Online Server and Workflow Manager. It also includes a how-to on Hybrid functionality, troubleshooting SharePoint, and overall security of the components of the farm.

Deploying SharePoint 2016

Deploying SharePoint 2016

The book is available on Amazon, along with Kindle edition. APress also carries the book as well as the more universal eBook format. Pick it up and let me know what you think!


  1. Great practical content. Here are some of the things I really liked about the book:

    – The focus on accomplishing tasks via PowerShell, and the usable PowerShell code snippets provided
    – Inclusion of the many SQL Server configuration steps that most SharePoint Admin books ignore.
    – Focus on security topics such as enabling TLS 1.2, enabling HSTS, enabling Kerberos authentication on SQL server etc.

    Some feedback:
    – Detail on SAML authentication (becoming more prevalent these days) was very thin
    – Where a feature / configuration that MS does not support is mentioned (e.g. read-only secondary replicas with SharePoint), it would be nice to have a link to a MS reference stating this
    – Found a few typos / spelling. Nothing major, should be easy to correct

    Just curious – What chapters did you write vs Vlad ?

  2. In Chapter 10: Workflow Manager, under “Testing Workflow Manager with SharePoint Desinger 2013”, the Publish step is missing after creating the list workflow.

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