Enabling the Office 365 (SuiteNav) in SharePoint 2013

Office 365 and SharePoint Server 2016 have what is called the “SuiteNav”. This is the navigation element at the top of the page that contains the affectionately-named “waffle” on the upper left.

SharePoint Server 2016 SuiteNav

SharePoint Server 2016 SuiteNav

Well, now this feature has come to SharePoint 2013 with the SharePoint Server 2013 July 2016 Cumulative Update and more specifically, the SharePoint Server 2013 hotfix KB3115286. Instructions are provided on how to enable this feature, but if you want to enable the feature everywhere, you’ll need to do a bit more scripting. Two scripts are provided below, one to enable it everywhere except for Central Administration, and one to enable it everywhere including Central Administration (similar to SharePoint Server 2016).

Without Central Administration:

With Central Administration:

The SharePoint Server 2013, like the SharePoint Server 2016 SuiteNav, does not require any form of hybrid functionality with Office 365. You can enable the SuiteNav on any farm as long as one of the two previously mentioned patches are deployed to the farm.

Once the feature is enabled, the site will have a SuiteNav bar like this:

SharePoint Server 2013 SuiteNav

SharePoint Server 2013 SuiteNav


  1. Great , Thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks for sharing :-)

    and to disable it – it’s just to use the disable-SPFeature or?

  3. Is there any way to customize the SuiteNav-Bar in SharePoint 2013 without connecting it to Office 365? In SharePoint 2016 i did not find such a possibility.

  4. Hi Trevor,

    Do you know if the feature can be enabled for a site from the site settings UI or programatically using an Office Dev PnP provisioning template?

    If yes, do you know the display name and/or guid of the SuiteNav feature?

    • The display name is ‘SuiteNav’ and the GUID is e9ca54e7-a4bc-4062-ad2a-56e316ea2deb. While features can be enabled via CSOM, there is little reason to do so for this particular feature as it is Web Application-wide once enabled and requires the UPSA to be present, which of course requires Farm Administrator access.

      • Thanks for your reply. It makes sense that the feature is web app scoped. Your code samples (and other samples I’ve seen) all enable the feature per site collection, so that’s why I thought it was site scoped.

        Useful post and reply :) Thanks again

  5. Hi Trevor! Is it possible to add to this navigation links to access Exchange OWA and Office Web Apps server applications?

  6. Thank you for sharing Trevor. This is very informative. Is there anyother way we can know all the new features like this which got added to SharePoint 2013.

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