Default MIM to SharePoint 2016 Attribute Mappings

Microsoft Identity Manager Series

Part 1: Automating MIM User Profile Synchronization with SharePoint 2016

Part 2: Using MIM to Import Custom Attributes into SharePoint 2016

Part 3: Using MIM to Export Custom Attributes from SharePoint 2016

Part 4: Default MIM to SharePoint 2016 Attribute Mappings

Part 5: Basic MIM Configuration to Support SharePoint 2016

Part 6: Scoping the Active Directory Management Agent in MIM

This is the default attribute mapping for the Active Directory Management Agent (ADMA), MIM Metaverse, and SharePoint Management Agent (SPMA). Note that not all attributes have flows as they’re used for rule extensions, which are rules defined in code.

ADMA Active Directory Object Type Metaverse Metaverse Object Type SharePoint Object Type SPMA
sAMAccountName user accountName,sAMAccountName person user ProfileIdentifier,UserName
sAMAccountName user accountName,sAMAccountName contact contact ProfileIdentifier
name domainDNS dc domain N/A N/A
department user department person user Department,SPS-Department
description group description group group Description
displayName group,user displayName contact,group,person contact,group,user PreferredName
dc N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
domainDNS distinguishedName domain N/A N/A
user distinguishedName contact,person contact,user PreferredName,ProfileIdentifier,SPS-DistinguishedName
group distinguishedName group group PreferredName,ProfileIdentifier
givenName user firstName person user FirstName
groupType group groupType group group GroupName
sn user lastName person user LastName
mail user mail person user WorkEmail
mail user mail group group MailNickName
manager user manager person user Manager
member group member group group Member
msDS-SourceObjectDN user msDS-SourceObjectDN contact,person contact,user SPS-SourceObjectDN
nCName crossRef nCName crossref N/A N/A
nETBIOSName crossRef nETBiosName crossref N/A N/A
objectSid user objectSid group,person group,user SID
thumbnailPhoto user photo person user Picture
physicalDeliveryOfficeName user physicalDeliveryOfficeName person user Office
N/A user SPS-ClaimProviderID person user SPS-ClaimProviderID
N/A user SPS-ClaimProviderType person user SPS-ClaimProviderType
N/A crossRef,user SPS-ObjectExists contact,crossref,person N/A N/A
msDS-PhoneticDisplayName user SPS-PhoneticDisplayName person user SPS-PhoneticDisplayName
msDS-PhoneticFirstName user SPS-PhoneticFirstName person user SPS-PhoneticFirstName
msDS-PhoneticLastName user SPS-PhoneticLastName person user SPS-PhoneticLastName
proxyAddresses user SPS-SipAddress person user SPS-SipAddress
userPrincipalName user SPS-UserPrincipalName person user SPS-UserPrincipalName
telephoneNumber user telephoneNumber person user WorkPhone
title user title person user SPS-JobTitle,Title
N/A domainDNS type domain N/A N/A
url user url group,person group Url
wWWHomePage user wWWHomePage person user PublicSiteRedirect

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