March 2015 CU/MS15-022 Task List Filter Issue

After applying the March 2015 CU (and possibly MS15-022), it is no longer possible to Filter a View based on criteria in the Task list (e.g. Task Status). This appears to only impact new Task Lists created post-patch.

One workaround is to place the Task list on a Page. Edit the Web Part and check “Server Render” under Miscellaneous.

This does not appear to be a Lists.asmx Web Service issue as the filtered view correctly filters in 3rd party tools, such as Stramit Caml Viewer.

EDIT: This issue is fixed in the May 2015 Cumulative Update


  1. Thank you for your post! I also experienced the same problem after applying the March CU and thought I was doing something wrong.

    When I used “Server Render” on the task list, it would only show tasks assigned to SharePoint groups and not tasks assigned to individual users. This also was a result of the March 2015 CU for me.

    There is another workaround if you have the time; Let’s say you have a list view called ‘All Pending Tasks’. I realized that when you attempt to filter the view based on the column headers available, your options are based on your ‘All Pending Tasks’ view settings rather than what the page renders (I hope that makes sense).

    If you then create a site page, add a list view web part and set that web part to ‘All Pending Tasks’, your view will be rendered correctly. However you cannot modify the view directly from that point on. The view exhibits more strange behaviour which I did not care to investigate.

  2. After the change “style” to something other than the default, filters behave properly

  3. Choice “Modify View” -> go to and expand “Style” (Choose a style for this view from the list on the right.) -> change “Default” on e.g. “Shaded”

  4. For one of our customers we have custom task list definition with custom tasks content type and it is not impacted.

  5. Is there any more information about this issue, and when it might be fixed?

  6. Hi there!
    Do you have some news about this Problem?

    • At this point it will be unlikely that I’ll receive updates. The issue was reproduced by Microsoft and the case closed, which is normal process while a fix is investigated and ultimately implemented.

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  9. Thanks for the info in this thread! The change of Style work-around solved my immediate issue of filtering no longer working.

  10. also there is another issue after applying March 2015, if you were using friendly URL for a search page, it will not be supported started from March 2015

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