Test-SPContentDatabase Classic to Claims Conversion

Attaching a Content Database from a Classic Web Application to a Claims-enabled Web Application does not automatically convert the users contained within that Content Database from Classic to Claims. When you run Test-SPContentDatabase, it performs quite a few tests against the target Content Database, including a test to check if users within the UserInfo table are Claims-enabled on a Claims-enabled Web Application (and vice versa).

When a Test-SPContentDatabase is executed (without additional switches), it runs the following T-SQL against the UserInfo table of the Content Database being tested:

If it returns any results, the message above will be displayed. So what is the solution, here? Just migrate the users…

This will migrate any valid users within the database from Classic to Claims. Running Test-SPContentDatabase should now succeed without any warning message, unless…

Any Site Collection Administrator has been deleted from Active Directory and cannot be converted! In that case, identify all Site Collection Administrators in the Content Database (e.g. $web = Get-SPWeb http://webAppUrl/sites/rootWebUrl; $web.SiteAdministrators), remove them from the Site Collection Administrators and as an optional step, delete them from the Site Collection. This way, they will no longer be marked as tp_SiteAdmin = 1 and will not fulfill the requirements of the Test-SPContentDatabase query on the UserInfo table.


  1. Thanks a lot. The above info helped me solve the issue during our SharePoint site upgrade.

  2. Does this mean that if AD Security groups were added as site collection administrators that this error would always show up for these content databases since the prefix is not i?

  3. I checked on my site and if one has AD Groups in the site collection administrators, this command will always return the issue. Microsoft needs to update this check in the Test-SPContentDatabase command to also account for AD Groups in Site Collection Administrators.

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  5. Don’t you have to mount the content db before you can migrate the users?

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