Reporting Services Feature Pack

In order to use SQL Server Reporting Services in a multi-tenant situation, follow the standard setup for SSRS. That is, install SSRS on a SharePoint server, start the Service Instance, create a Service Application and Proxy, and assign the Proxy to the Web Application hosting your multi-tenant sites.

For the Feature Pack, there are only two Features that are required to enable Reporting Services support. In this example, these Features are added to an existing Feature Pack.

That’s it. Now the Site Collection “Report Server Integration Feature” and Web “Report Server File Sync” features can be enabled and the SSRS Content Types will be available.


  1. Trevor, was this with SharePoint 2013 and SSRS 2013. We have both of those features enabled and are getting an Access is Denied. The Access is Denied only happens when we attach a subscription ID to a site. With a normal site collection there are no issues, but when we create a site collection with an subscription ID it breaks. We get the following ULS message on the APP server:

    The current site is not in the SiteSubscription of the context site. SiteSubscriptionId: for current site = XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXX, for context site =

    I removed the ID for privacy. Any ideas?

    • This is SSRS 2014 with SharePoint 2013 (but the Feature names are identical for SharePoint 2010 and SSRS 2012, at a minimum). You need to create the Site Subscription ($sub = New-SPSiteSubscription) and assign it to that Site Collection during Site Creation (New-SPSite -Subscription $sub) and of course associate that Subscription to a Feature Pack (Set-SPSiteSubscriptionConfig -Id $sub -FeaturePack $fp). Was that the process you followed?

  2. Pretty much the same process but I didn’t need to add a featurepack as after the site was created it already had all of the features, ReportServer and ReportServerItemSync, necessary. I have also reproduced this same issue in a lab environment using SP2013 SP1 and SQL Server 2012 SP1.

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