SharePoint 2013 June 2014 Cumulative Updates

SharePoint Foundation:

SharePoint Server 2013:

Project Server 2013:

Office Web Apps Server 2013:

Office 2013 June 2014 Cumulative Updates:


  1. Any word on whether the April 2014 CU Claims Conversion bug is addressed? I don’t see it in the outline for either Foundation or Server.

  2. Hey Paul,
    KB2881063 ( states “You cannot migrate to Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)-based claims authentication” in the resolved issues.

    • Nice catch. This is great news as we’re in the middle of of 2010->2013 upgrade and I really don’t want to make any more major changes to our 2010 environment like converting our Classic webapps to Claims.

  3. The April/MS14-022 bug is confirmed to be resolved, just tested it this morning.

  4. Thanks! How about
    2) “%25″ is added to the URL when searching within the farm (Content Query Webparts, and elsewhere), otherwise known as the “double encoding” bug.

    • That bug still appears to be present. I’ve tried a full crawl, a full import (UPA, although this appears to be Search-specific, not UPA-centric), index reset and it still persists.

  5. Does the SharePoint Server 2013 CU really only consist of 2 .cab files? Or is it not fully “ready” yet?

  6. Gotcha. Funny though, as it even goes through the captcha verification process and the email with the links to the cab files that exist so far.


  7. Funny Stefan Grobner has not said anything about the release yet. I will look again when he blogs about it.

  8. I’m facing strange problem. I need to do convert WA to claims as well, so installed June CU and ran the conversion. Individual log lines in ULS say – user migration started -> ended and only those not existing in AD were skipped. So far so good. I also verified it in the dbo.UserInfo table. However, at the end of the conversion process, ULS log says: Statistics: ContentDatabases ‘1’, Site Collections ‘866’, Users Succeeded ‘0’, Users Failed ‘1377’.

    How come ? Did Microsoft forget to fix counter ?

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