SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 with Yammer Integration

Service Packs typically contain little-to-no features. SharePoint 2013 SP1 is no different, however there are a couple of things I wanted to point out.

First, both Yammer and OneDrive are apparently a critical SharePoint Central Administrator error:


You can now configure Yammer and OneDrive for Business on Office 365 with SharePoint On-Premises integration. This can be done via Central Administration:


OneDrive now replaces SkyDrive in the top link bar. Included with this is Yammer, if you activate the Yammer feature on-premises via Central Administration.


When you click on the Yammer link, you’ll be directed to /_layouts/15/Yammer.aspx and be asked to log in. That’s about it…


Once Yammer is activated, the SharePoint “newsfeed” will now display this message when you visit your MySite.


For OneDrive for Business on Office 365 integration, again in Central Administration -> Office 365 -> Configure OneDrive and Sites Link, you’ll simply input your OneDrive host in Office 365 (https://<>) and the top link bar will redirect you there when you click on OneDrive.


That is it for ‘on the surface’ new features!

Another note I wanted to point out is use Russ Max’s installation script. It will save you hours of deployment on Service Pack 1. In addition, a reboot will not necessarily be required.

Trevor Seward is a Microsoft Office Apps and Services MVP who specializes in SharePoint Server administration, hybrid scenarios, and SharePoint Online. He has been working with SharePoint for 16 years from SharePoint 2003 on up, managing environments with terabytes of content for 150,000+ user organizations. Trevor is an author of Deploying SharePoint 2016 and Deploying SharePoint 2019. You can find him on Twitter and in /r/sharepoint.