Announcing Beta 1 of Nauplius.PAS – A SharePoint PowerPoint Automation Services User Interface

Like the counterpart Nauplius.WAS, Nauplius.PAS, for SharePoint Server 2013, is a user interface for the PowerPoint Automation Services.  Currently in Beta 1, this farm solution provides a user interface to leverage the PowerPoint Automation Services API.  Currently, the interface is limited to selecting one or more documents in a Document Library for conversion.  Future builds will add folder conversion and workflow support.




Please leave any feedback in the Discussions or any bugs/problems in the Issues tab on CodePlex.  Also, review the Documentation for PowerPoint Automation Services as it does require PowerShell to set up, along with possible NTFS folder permission modification on the SharePoint Server(s) running the PowerPoint Automation Services service instance.

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  1. Great! I wonder why this isn’t OOTB…

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