Renewed as SharePoint MVP

Today I was renewed as a SharePoint Server MVP for the 2nd year.  I appreciate everyone’s support and am honored to be re-awarded.  You can find more about the MVP Program at the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional site as well as at the MVP Award Blog.


  1. Congrats Trevor, I found your blog very helpful as always

  2. Congrats.
    What your history of success?
    I mean what I need to do to be a MVP for SharePoint community?

    • Participation in the community is the key. Many MVPs speak at multiple user groups, conferences, etc. Some only work in online communities. Others publish books, and so forth. Get out there, get noticed, and provide value to the community!

  3. Congrats Travor.
    Other than MVP what are all the awards and honors given by Microsoft ? how to get those ?
    Thanks in Advance.

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