Open Source SharePoint Solutions

Oddly enough, I’m a very big fan and believer of Free/Open Source Software. The idea behind OSS being that anyone can take a look at the source code (and .NET-compiled solutions let us do that without actually having the source), modify it to suit their needs, or just learn from it is highly appealing to me. Of course, SharePoint is a closed source platform built upon a closed source Operating System. However, there are a lot of developers who believe in F/OSS when it comes to SharePoint solutions, but there is an issue of discoverability. This is where Open Source SharePoint comes in. It is a new site that is for categorization, tagging, providing a brief summary of the solution, along with where to get the solution.

You can visit the current solution gallery at Open Source SharePoint. Hopefully you’ll find something new as I have scouring the Internet looking for new F/OSS SharePoint solutions!

I’m adding solutions on a daily basis and also accepting submissions from developers and users alike!