Office 2010 Update KB2760758 Incorrectly Checks Multi-Line Columns

EDIT: 9/19 – this is a known issue and will be resolved in the Office 2010 client December 2013 updates.

EDIT2: 12/13 – the fix did not make it into the December 2013 update and the product group currently has no ETA on when this fix will arrive.

EDIT3: 1/17 – Hotfixes are available below, or you can wait until the February 2014 Cumulative Update.

If you have a custom content type with a multi-line site column added to it, and the client has Word 2010 SP1 or SP2 with KB2760758 installed, attempting to save the document will yield an error:

multi-line columns


If you only enter a single line of text in the multi-line document property, the save will succeed.  Uninstallation of KB2760758 should also work.  To validate which version of MSO.DLL is installed, look at C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\OFFICE14\MSO.DLL.  If the file version is 14.0.7106.5001, the issue is present.  Earlier versions, such as the SP2 MSO.DLL, 14.0.7015.1000, do not have this issue.


KB Article Number (s) : 2878218

Platform: x64

Platform: i386


  1. This was supposed to be fixed in the December Office updates, but I don’t see an update in this release that affects MSO.dll. Any idea which update fixes the issue?

  2. Disappointing that this did not make the December CU. Please keep us posted if you know which CU it will be in.

  3. Uninstalling KB2760758 works. I found another update, which caused same problem. Update number: KB2826026.

  4. Thanks, Trevor, Really poor form on Microsofts part, this is causing large issues for SharePoint Word integration

  5. Yeah, the bug was inserted by Microsoft and it takes 4 months to fix it??? Do you imagine what kind of light this sheds on Microsoft? Our clients have serious problems and loss of functionality because of this and I am more than gladly pointing out the incompetence of Microsoft in this regard. This is not tolerable, this is bellow any criticism. I will do my best to spread this information around, people need to know what are they dealing with. Yuck…

  6. Guys, SP2 for MS Office was just offere through “Windows Update”, but the bug in question still persists. Does anybody anything about the solution?

  7. New Update in Februrary KB2837583, same bug

  8. Cannot believe this has taken so long to fix. Really really poor form on MS’s part

  9. Thank Trevor is there any article explaining the hotfix available as i cannot seem to find it?

  10. Do you know if this hotfix is included in SP1 for Sharepoint 2013?

  11. I can’t find it on the official MS website. is it still valid KB?

  12. Do I get it right that the only way to fix the problem so far is not to use multine columns? I really need the functionality of multi-line columns – this is the description field of the document in my case… I am very disappointed of Microsoft that they cannot fix the problem…

    • The links to the hotfixes for Office 2010 is in the blog post at the bottom.

      • Hi, the problem with the fix is, that it cannot be applied after the newest Office fixes (I guess it checks the version of the fix and it sees that newer fixes (from Microsoft) have already been applied, so it doesn’t allow this fix to run). The only proper thing would be to finally get an official fix from Microsoft for this problem. What a shame on these guys… What remains is, to keep the correct version of the dll in question aside and apply it after every Office update. Imagine what this means for a larger company?

        • Which update did you apply that prevents you from applying this particular fix? I can re-open my case to follow up with PSS if the issue continues to present itself after a newer hotfix is applied.

  13. I believe it could be KB2878225

  14. To whom it may concern,

    I have version 14.0.7116.5000 of the mso.dll installed and we have the above described problem.
    Is there a fix available for that problem?

  15. We have the same problem with an installed version 14.0.7116.5000 of the mso.dll.
    Is there any fix for this available?

  16. Microsoft released a HotFix for this Problem:

    Kind regards

  17. Hey Philipp.

    Thanks for your answer.
    Problem solved.

    Best Regards and many thanks, Thomas.

  18. We had this exact issue with numerous users here and the hotfix posted by Philipp fixed it for everyone.

    Thank you so much!

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