SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 2 RTW

SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 2 has been released!

SharePoint Foundation:

SharePoint Server:

Project Server:

Office Web Apps:

The major additions to this Service Pack are IE10 and Server 2012 support.  The Server 2012 support will require a full SharePoint 2010 SP2 ISO from Microsoft.

Note the June 2013 Cumulative Update is a post-Service Pack 2 update.


  1. Anybody knows if the Danish language pack for SP2 has been released. Can’t seem to find it.

  2. If you build your own slipstreamed SP2010 SP2 install, will that be enough to run on Server2012?

    • No, as the installation bits (setup.exe, prereqinstaller.exe) have changed to support Server 2012. A new ISO is required from Microsoft. The ISO was available with the Service Pack 2 beta program and will hopefully be out shortly.

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  5. Doesn’t 2010 support IE 10 pre-SP2? Does it fix something specific related to IE 10? Not seeing anything in the documentation.

  6. does this mean that with the server 2012 support we will get dot net 4.0 support?

  7. SP 2010 WITH SP2 ISOs are now available on MSDN (and TechNet/VolumeLicensing?) so now you can install direct on Server 2012.

  8. UPDATE! integrated MS SharePoint 2010 SP2 WITH SUPPORT for Windows Server 2012 is out now.
    Date Published:9/9/2013

    File name:SharePoint_SP2_en-us.exe

  9. never mind the Date Published.
    Supported Operating System
    Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2, Windows Server 2012

  10. Hi Trevor , We are Planing to Install Service Pack 2 .. Do we have have to install First Sharepoint 2010 Foundation first and then SharePoint 2010 Server ?? I heard that from now on you have to deploy only SharEPoint 2010 Server Pack and there is no need to Install Separately Foundation Pack ?? Is this Right ??

  11. Thanks Trevor, One thing more we have 3 Languages installed Danish, Spanish and one more …Apart from installing Service Pack 2 for these also , Do i have to install the Baseline Lanugae Pack i.e English for Server 2010??

  12. Thanks Trevor .. Very much Useful..

    Do we have to take any Caution like you have to start User Profiles Service once you install SP2 . Is this Correct ?

  13. Trevore , we have started Installing SP2 , When Patches are Applied , User Profile Sync Service stuck in starting state ?? You have to Troubleshoot hard to fix everytime. Any Idea how to bring it back in easier way.?

    • Hey Tarun,
      I think you’ll find you still need to treat the UPS the same was as previously.

      Add UPS Service account (usually your Central Admin Pool account) to local admins.
      Restart SPTimer
      Start up UPS Sync Service (reprovisions). Takes a while, but should come up.
      Remove UPS Service account from local admins.
      Restart SPTimer.

      I find that I still need to do this, nearly every time I run PSConfig… Let alone patching.

  14. Thanks Craig.. I want to check that is it Possible to upgrade Server with SharePoint RTM Version to SP2. Version Right now is 14.0.4762.1000

  15. Hey Neeraj,

    I believe so. According to the KB article ( they specifically state the March PU isn’t required. So I would take it from that, that you can apply against RTM.
    But you’ll try it in a test environment first right? :)


  16. Ignore that. Muddled SP2013 and SP2010. Checked the KBs and they don’t mention, but usually it’s true that SPs can be used against RTM.

  17. Thanks Craig and Trevor . Can we Install SharEPoint 2010 SP2 + August CU at one go and then run PS Config wizard only once. If yes then confirm if the Vesion will be upgraded up to August CU …

  18. Can we Install SharEPoint 2010 SP2 + August CU at one go and then run PS Config wizard only once. If yes then confirm if the Vesion will be upgraded up to August CU …

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