Nauplius.WAS 1.6 Released!

Today I have published Nauplius.WAS 1.6. The major change is the ability to convert entire Folders, including subfolders, in Document Libraries. This allows you to convert eligible documents within a Folder to a different file format.


Another major change was the ability to save to an alternate location, such as another Document Library in the same Web or Subweb, etc. This is available both for each individual document conversion as well as Folder conversion.


The Web Application workflow solution is no longer activated by default. The Web targeted solution continues to not be activated by default. Lastly, the PowerShell installation script will now indicate whether or not the Word Automation Services instance as well as Service Application are online or not.

All of these changes are present in both the SharePoint 2010 and 2013 solutions.

Download from the Nauplius.WAS project page. Also check out my other solutions in my portfolio!