SharePoint 2013 April 2013 Cumulative Update Fails

When running the Config Wizard for the SharePoint 2013 upgrade with My Sites deployed, you may run across an error similar to this which causes the upgrade to fail:

This is due to a new method called DoMySite_PersonalDocLicPermissionReset in the class Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.UserProfiles.MySitePersonalSiteUpgrader.  This class looks for a Document Library named “Personal Documents”.  On pre-April 2013 CU, the lack of this library can cause the Cumulative Upgrade to fail with the above error.  There are two workarounds that I’ve identified:

A) Create a document library in the user’s My Site named “Personal Documents”

B) Delete the user’s My Site

While the April 2013 CU may be in this failed state, any My Sites created during this failed state do not suffer from the above error.


  1. Henrik Damslund

    Have you reported this problem to Microsoft? I have the same issue with a customers mysites, and have just reported it to Microsoft. They say that no one else has reported it, so I was wondering if you had reported it, and if so, would be wiling to share the case id (in private)?

  2. Henrik Damslund

    Trevor, we have just started the case with Microsoft. I will let you know the outcome, when resolved :-)

  3. Also having the same issue, would be great to know what you did to fix it

  4. It seems deleting the My Sites AFTER trying to patch does not seem to work, since this will result in the following error messages:

    Remove-SPSite : SharePoint object [SPContentDatabaseName=SharePoint_MySites] is in an unsupported state, and could not be used by the current farm.

    • In my case I was removing them after applying the patch and attempting to run the Config Wizard, but I believe I had done it via Central Administration rather than PowerShell.

  5. Weird enough, I was able to delete them using the UI. Just required a lot of clicking. :)

  6. This Works for me:

    Edit C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Web Server Extensions\15\TEMPLATE\FEATURES\MySitePersonalSite\Feature.xml (copy and paste the file as it is before performing any modifications):

    ** Edit below by Trevor Seward **


    • Ralf, it looks like your changes to the XML didn’t come through (email me via the Contact form and I will add it), however editing a feature directly through the 15 hive is not supported.

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