Records Center “Generate a File Plan Report” link produces an error

Within a Records Center under Site Settings -> Manage Records Center, there is a link on the right hand side titled “Generate a file plan report”.


When clicking on this, I was seeing either the standard correlation Id error dialog or a yellow screen of death.  The following error appears in the ULS:

You’ll also notice that in the URL as well as the above ULS log, that the List parameter is blank. ┬áThere are two Javascript functions that get executed when clicking on the link, the first function calls the second function to retrieve the List Name based on a resource:

The intent is to look for a Record Library with the internal name of “Records” and pass the library’s Guid in this function.

To fix this error, on the Records Center site, simply create a new Record Library name “Records”.



Once the library is created, the Generate a File Plan Report link will work on the Manage Records Center page.

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