Slow SharePoint 2013 April 2013 Cumulative Update Extraction

When running /extract against the April 2013 Cumulative Update, it takes… hours. ¬†Using Process Monitor, it appears that the CU is going through the entire CU exe to identify and extract the files, in a one-by-one process. ¬†For example, we’ll look at the extraction of two files, edumui-es-es.msp and edumui-et-ee.msp.

First, the extraction process finds edumui-es-es.msp and creates a file as well as begins the extraction:


Next, the extraction finishes, and the extraction process starts parsing the ubersrv2013 executable from the beginning again:


Next, the extraction process, using 8KB to ~32KB reads, finds edumui-et-ee.msp in the ubersrv2013 executable some ways into it (about 663MB):


Finally, edumui-et-ee.msp is extracted and the read process of the ubersrv2013 executable begins again:


Compare to the March 2013 PU, which goes through the ubersrv2013 executable and picks out files as required:



    • These are two separate issues. Yes, you need to stop the services for the installation of the CU to speed the process up, but this is simply extracting the CU (using /extract), not the installation piece.

  1. The September 2014 CU (KB2883068) took me over 2 hours to extract… The process *does* take 3.25 GB of files and turn them into 5.15 GB… but these days I’d rather download the full 5 than wait to expand the extra 2 GB.

  2. Raymond,I extracted the cumulative update file for Febrary 2015, but now how can I apply the CU? It does not extract any EXE file

  3. And the issue seem to be present with CU April 2015 as well.

  4. Has anyone found anything further with this? I am seeing the same behavior with the June 2015 CU. I have had a customer site where it took a bit over 8 hours to extract this CU, then the installation only took a couple hours. This was with all the services shut down as mentioned in the article that was posted above. This is becoming a very large problem for customers, especially since these are being released monthly. Maybe its time to open up a case with MS on it.

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