PowerShell Remoting to a SharePoint Server with PowerShell v3 Installed

If you have a SharePoint Server with PowerShell v3 (part of the Windows Management Framework 3.0) installed on it and wish to use PowerShell Remoting in order to manage SharePoint 2010, you may find that the remoting session lands you in the .NET 4.0 Framework, which is incompatible with SharePoint 2010.  it looks like this:


To resolve this, on the SharePoint server, run:

In addition to doing the above, you can also register the SharePoint Powershell snap-in automatically by creating a new parameter named ‘startupscript’ with the parameter value pointing to the same PowerShell script that the SharePoint Management Shell leverages:

The end result will provide you with a more efficient remote console, especially if you enter in and out of sessions frequently.



  1. Excellent tip, but you have a typo in the commands. They should be wsman:\localhost\Plugin, not Plugins.

  2. Thank you so much Man , you save my time :) , but also don’t forget to modify Plugins to Plugin .

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