Nauplius.SP.UserSync Release – SharePoint Foundation User Synchronization

SharePoint Foundation does not include any mechanism to automatically synchronize User Information found in each Site Collection after the user has been added to the Site Collection.  This simple timer job iterates through each Site Collection in the Foundation farm and updates the User Information List for users present in Active Directory.

Download the solution from CodePlex here.  Documentation is fairly sparse as there is no configuration required for this timer job.

Currently this solution is compatible with SharePoint Foundation 2010 only.



  1. I implemented your solution from CodePlex in my SharePoint Foundation 2013 test environment and it seems to work wonderfully. Thank you very much for developing the solution. I would like to know if one could add additional columns to the User Information List and your solution sync the additional columns. Specifically, I was thinking that if the telephoneNumber and Manager were included that would be awesome. Thanks for what you have already done and for any additional information that you can provide.

    • While it technically could, one thing to keep in mind is that the UIL in Foundation does not have those fields. You would have to augment the UIL itself (which again, is certainly possible via code). Because I built a tool to be as least intrusive as possible, I chose not to do that, but I agree that those additional fields would be excellent to have.

  2. I found that it’s actually pretty easy to add columns to the UIL without using code. Site Settings -> People and groups -> Settings -> List Settings. From there, you can add columns to the UIL. I’ve never developed anything like this for SharePoint, but I downloaded your source code and found the populated columns in push.cs. I added a single additional column “telephoneNumber” but I found that I can’t build the project. I know that I’m a noob when it comes to SharePoint packages but if you could point me in the right direction on how to modify your existing code and re-compile it so that I can add additional columns, I’m willing to do the work. Thanks a lot for any help you can provide.

  3. I’ve tried to use AD Sync 2.0, but when the code reach to “if (item[“Account”].ToString().ToLower() != group.LoginName.ToLower()) continue;” the error occured for me. I’m usering sharepoint 2013 foundation with Korean Language Pack. Error message is from Timer Job Result such as “There is no “Account” column, someone may delete” but nobody deleted it. SiteUserInofList must have “Account” field as an Internal Field ????

    • What is the name of the field? I’m using the English name in the solution, it may not be that way with non-English releases of SharePoint. You may be able to see this in PowerShell:
      $site = Get-SPSite http://siteUrl

      The “Account” comes from the first field name (which in English is “UserLogin”, within code that maps over to “Account” which is what is used in the solution).

  4. I manage to install the .wsp to the sharepoint site and i have it activated on the manage farm features in central administration. How do I configure it to my company’s AD though? Is there a step by step tutorial?

    I ran the script also with powershell in admin mode:

    Thanks in advance for the help

    • The deployment script isn’t signed, so before you run it, you need to run Set-ExecutionPolicy -Unrestricted. The latter messages indicate the solution was previously deployed. As for what you need to do, you shouldn’t have to do anything. The timer job runs between midnight and 4 AM each day, or you can execute it manually if you choose to do so.

  5. Thank you for the quick reply Trevor.

    I believe I managed to set the execution policy to unrestricted, but unsure how to force run.

    However, I believe a few days back, before I used the script I manually installed the .ws2. It does appear that it is upload on the sharepoint site. – Shown here:

    The main question I have, is what do I need to do to now configure my SharePoint Foundation 2013 to communicate with the Active Directory? Is there a setting within SharePoint now or?


  6. I verified the service ran automatically and I ran it automatically but when I search for a name or uni nothing can be found.

    The current setup I have establish is:
    Server 1: ‘SharePoint Foundation 2013’ (free version),
    Server 2: SQL Server 2008 R2

    Site name are based on hostname, no public url
    Farm server setup

    I downloaded and installed the program on Server 1, SharePoint web app server.

    Q: Do i need to do something to the database server?

    Example of uni not found when searching (This is done one a site collection):

    On the Central Administration, is there a service account that needs to be configured or installed? (I know with ‘SharePoint 2013 Server’ the AD user service is pre installed)

    Everything I am doing is with the farm administrator who has complete control of the services etc.

    Do you think the issue could be in the app pool?

    Thanks for your help again! This has been a 2 week problem and just lost for ideas.

  7. I went to the Central Administration -> Monitoring -> Configure Diagnostic Logging -> Nauplius.

    And received and Error , unexpected.

    Possible reason?

  8. So does that mean the plugin is working correctly? I will try to re-install it now

  9. I ran it twice and received the same log. It appears that the Timer thew an exception, and could not contact the domain. Do you know how I can fix it?


  10. Trevor, Can we install it on SharePoint Server 2010 or 2013

  11. Hello, first of all I want to thank for great job…I would like to ask about field, which is taken from AD as referece…if it is Login nam or SID? best regards, Zdeno, Slovakia

  12. Hi , i have installed sharepoint Foundation 2013 on non domain server in DMZ zone and i would like to sync users from AD server inside network.
    Can this be done ?

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