April 2013 Cumulative Update and MS13-035 BlobCache Errors

In SharePoint 2010, the April 2013 Cumulative Update and MS13-035 cause blobcache errors that look similar to this in the ULS log:

Others have identified that the SharePoint 2013 March PU and SharePoint 2010 February Cumulative Update also cause this issue.  This only appears when a file is in an unapproved/unpublished state.  Once the file is published and approved, the file will be present in the BlobCache and the error will not occur, but as long as it is in a draft, unpublished, or unapproved state, the error will occur regardless of who views the file.


  1. Isn’t this fixed yet ? I am getting similar errors for SharePoint 2016 environment for favicon.ico file

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