December 2012 patch for SharePoint 2013 breaks MySite Site Creation

Todd Klindt brought this one to my attention.  The December 2012 patch (KB2752058) breaks the SharePoint 2013 MySite Self-Service Site creation, with an error similar to the below in the Event Log:

Additionally, this information is outputted in the ULS log:

The issue is that the entire method being called in the December 2012 hotfix for SharePoint 2013 is missing!  Here is the missing method as present in SharePoint 2013 RTM:

This patch only breaks MySite self service site creation.  Standard self service site creation continues to function.  I do not recommend installing KB2752058 at this time.


Update: This is resolved by installing KB2752001.  Validate that there is an appropriate Managed Path as specified by the Personal Site Location defined in the MySites Setup.  If the Managed Path is missing, an error similar to this will appear in the Application Event Log:

To add the Managed Path (“personal” in this case), run the following from the SharePoint Management Shell:

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