Disable Throttling on a List-by-List Basis

A Farm Administrator can disable Throttling on a list-by-list basis.  To do this, run the following:

To validate the Throttling settings are effective, run:

If it returns True, the the List has been throttled (has more items than the List View Throttle limit).  If it returns false, it has either less than the List View Throttle limit or throttling has been disabled via the EnableThrottling property.

To re-enable throttling on a list, simply run

Todd Klindt has a PowerShell script to create a list with 5,001 items.


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  3. Does this work for SharePoint 2010

  4. Can you give an example of this please? I can’t seem to find the right syntax for the variables.

    • The syntax for how to work with it is in the post. What were you looking for?

      • Thanks for your response Trevor! Well, I had a list of documents to clean up that was over the administrative limit of 5k, so I couldn’t access them. I tried your script, with the specifics of my situations, but only got powershell hate back, it didn’t take, probably because of the syntax I used for the site and the list.

        I have found a work-a-round by changing the threshold in the web application itself. Had to go to 90.000 before I could view the list. Deleted it via Access, then changed the treshold back.

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