Reporting Services 2012: “Some sites are not completely upgraded”

If you’ve installed Reporting Services 2012 on SharePoint, you’ve probably noticed that the databases, like the below, are marked that some sites have not been completely upgraded:

Database Type Status
ReportServer_Alerting ReportingServiceAlertingDatabase Database is up to date, but some sites are not completely upgraded.
ReportServerTempDB ReportingServiceTempDatabase Database is up to date, but some sites are not completely upgraded.

Of course, neither database contains “sites”, so there is nothing to upgrade.  If we look at the database properties using:

Returns true. If we look at the code, we enter the function:

This function goes off onto a bunch of other functions, including functions that indicate that the ReportingServiceAlertingDatabase and ReportingServiceTempDatabase cannot be upgraded (or CanUpgrade is false).  We end up hitting this chunk of code:

In the end, the value of flag is indeed false and we hit the two Log.Debug statements, which produce:

And, because the statement returns true back to the original NeedsUpgradeIncludeChildren function, well, we get the Central Administration warning about some sites requiring an upgrade.  This is of course something to ignore.

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