So you want to enter a new Product Key… (This is unsupported)

So you feel like entering a new product key.  Say you used that MSDN key in production, and now want to enter the product key.  Well, according to Central Administration –> Upgrade and Migration –> Convert License Type, you can’t!  The Product Key field is greyed out.

Of course, there is a way around this, but…


Connect to your SQL Server and your Configuration Database.  After taking a backup of your Configuration Database, run the following query:

Now, when you go to Convert License Type, you’ll notice that your product says it is a Trial, and it gives you the opportunity to enter a Product Key.  Once the new Product Key is entered, your license will now expire one nanosecond prior to 1/1/10000.

Again, this is completely unsupported.  In fact, the only supported way to change your product key is to rebuild your farm.  So don’t do the above.


  1. hello ,

    the command was sucessfully run , and one row affected , but nothing happen :) still am facing the same issue.

  2. Yeah same result for me. Does a task need to run or reboot required to get the admin site to register it as trial?

    • Same result, for me. Even after successfully run, old key is being shown. Tried iisreset and reboot too. Please suggest.

  3. First of all: Thanks!
    I try to change key of SharePoint and Project Server… If i run this command(s) the Central Administration show me: "Testversion Project Server 2010". So i think in this case i enter the Project Server key. But how to change the SharePoint Key?

  4. It worked, you saved my day!

  5. did not work

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