So you want to enter a new Product Key… (This is unsupported)

So you feel like entering a new product key. Say you used that MSDN key in production, and now want to enter the product key. Well, according to Central Administration –> Upgrade and Migration –> Convert License Type, you can’t! The Product Key field is greyed out.

Of course, there is a way around this, but…


Connect to your SQL Server and your Configuration Database. After taking a backup of your Configuration Database, run the following query:

UPDATE Objects
SET Properties = Replace(Properties, 9223372036854775807, 92233720368547758)
WHERE ClassId = '4274DBC4-7D52-474F-961B-58D84F5C28FF'

Now, when you go to Convert License Type, you’ll notice that your product says it is a Trial, and it gives you the opportunity to enter a Product Key. Once the new Product Key is entered, your license will now expire one nanosecond prior to 1/1/10000.

Again, this is completely unsupported. In fact, the only supported way to change your product key is to rebuild your farm. So don’t do the above.

Trevor Seward is a Microsoft Office Apps and Services MVP who specializes in SharePoint Server administration, hybrid scenarios, and SharePoint Online. He has been working with SharePoint for 16 years from SharePoint 2003 on up, managing environments with terabytes of content for 150,000+ user organizations. Trevor is an author of Deploying SharePoint 2016 and Deploying SharePoint 2019. You can find him on Twitter and in /r/sharepoint.