October 2011 CU Breaks User Profile Picture Uploads … For Users

Update 12/14/2011: This is resolved in the December 2011 Cumulative Update.

If an end user attempts to upload a picture to their own profile via their profile in My Sites, they will receive this error:

There are some fairly significant code changes between the August 2011 CU version .5005 and the October 2011 CU.  For example, here is LoadPictureLibraryInternal() from Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.WebControls.ProfileImagePicture from August:

And from October:

Microsoft made a change in what methods are called.  In the August CU, Microsoft calls (note “MyPage_MyList_ProfilePicture_Text” is a resource that maps to “User Photos”:

In the October CU, Microsoft calls:

Which in turn calls (and which does not exist in the October CU):

So where is the problem?  The LoadPictureLibrary function above, specifically:

”rootWeb.ServerRelativeUrl” = “/”.  “importPhotoListUrl” = “User Photos”.  So what happens during that string.Format?  We get the string “//User Photos”.  Is “//User Photos” a valid Uri?  Nope!  Hence, we fail.

Using a debugger, if we delete the extra “/” after being passed to into the below method, the we do not get the error:

Microsoft needs to modify the LoadPictureLibrary method to read:


  1. Thanks for this. I was looking into this issue for a day now!

  2. One note to add, this will prevent Administrators from uploading profile pictures via PowerShell.

    This means there is no method, in the currently released October CU, to upload profile pictures.

  3. Weird Trevor; I'm not seeing this error on my dev deployment.


  4. Phil, are you sure you're running build 6112.5000? There was a August CU re-release (6109.5005) that was released in mid-to-late October that some confused as the Oct CU release.

  5. Indeed, I found this problem, otherwise, I also had strange behavior, the organizer of content was enabled on all sites?

  6. Hi Trevor, I'm having the same problem. The mysite host is using Norwegian and the SharePoint installation is English. Are you mysite host English, or are you using an order language for my site host?
    I have opened a case whit Microsoft Support. They are telling me that the problem occurs if the my site host is configured at the root of the webapplication (ex http://server:90 )
    The walkaround is the following
    If the mysitehost is provisioned at a subsite level (ex http://server/sites/mysiteshost) the import and commandlet work fine.
    That’s the workaround. I have tested and it works. But this is not an option for me.

  7. No, this is an entirely English test bed, no language packs, etc. applied.

  8. Bugs appear and desappear from SP to CU and CU to CU. Will MS be professional again ?


  9. Bug free code would be a nice thing to have, but it isn't going to exist with the large code base that is SharePoint. I would question some of the changes made from CU-to-CU, though :-)

  10. Have you seen any movement from Microsoft on addressing this?

  11. Same issue here….thought I was going batty. From the Java script breaking when grouping lists to the baffling issue of not being aboe to easily show a list across web applications to this %&*#. No wonder I drink too much!

  12. Installed the October CU to get rid of 3 other bugs, reprovisioned the user profile synchronisation due to one of them, run into the next bug due to October CU.

    Seriously, Microsoft?!

  13. I have not see any updates about releasing a .6113 build, or any hotfix that would resolve this particular issue. I do know that the Tier-II, Tier-III, and Product Group at Microsoft are aware of the issue.

  14. Hey Trevor…Stefan posted the following on his blog:

    I'm not sure about which issue you are talking.

    Do you have an SR number?


    Does anyone have a valid SR number he can reference?


  15. Sharepoint Rollout in 2 weeks, installed the October CU and had to reprovision the User Profile Sync – and now we run into this bug. No user profile pictures at all, I guess that will do magic to user acceptance :(

  16. Well I opened a support ticket and right now the only "workaround" is to move the mysite host to a sub site. For us this is not really an option seeing as though we are currently in production and have branding customizations. Hopefully it will "go up the chain" high enough to get the root cause addressed.

    Thanks Trevor for outlining this issue with such detail (almost like it is on a silver platter ;) ).


  17. Hello,
    I have the same issue at Sharepoint 2010 with Octorber 2011 CU. The error in the function as Trevor said but why the "workaround" of moving the mysite collection to a sub site is working? Also I know that technet says that MySite collection should be in the root of webapp http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc262500.aspx#mysitesarch or this info is not actual anymore?


  18. Wow, this is even worse than June's CU breaking profile picture uploads through Central Admin. And MS/partners wonder why customers aren't eager to apply their CU methodology. Is this stuff even tested?

  19. Damned if we do and damned if we don't. I had a ticket open with microsoft support and they asked me to apply the October CU to fix another known issue….now i'm left with this crap.

  20. Any word on a date for the December CU which is meant to fix this issue?

  21. Common sense says the December CU will come late December/early January. I also kinda daoubt that it will contain a fix for this.

  22. Good to know this'll be fixed in the Dec CU as it's been a real pain. I guess the real question is what's the Dec CU going to break?!

  23. I can confirm that the December CU fixes this issue :)

  24. December CU doesn´t fix it for me.
    Update-SPProfilePhotoStore doesn´t create any thumbnails.

  25. Hi Trevor,In my case users are able to upload picture from SharePoint UI but tries to upload through code. It is breaking. and showing some access denied error. What permissions and where should i exactly check? could you please suggest?


  26. The account running the code should have the Manage Profiles right on the UPA.

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