After installing the August 2011 Cumulative Update, a health warning about User Profile Service jobs appears every hour

Every hour, a health error will appear regarding each User Profile Service Application instance regarding a missing Timer Job for the User Profile Service Application or User Profile Service Application Proxy:

The ULS logs state:
UserProfileInstalledJobsHealthRule.Check – missing job ‘Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.ADImport.UserProfileADImportJob’ for UserProfileApp ‘User Profile Services’
Microsoft included a new job that remains unused in the August 2011 Cumulative Update called the “UserProfileADImportJob”.
While Microsoft is checking for all job types, which includes this new job:

Microsoft does not install that job:

Perhaps the code was not ready for the August Cumulative Update?  Unsure, but you will be stuck with the Health error until the job is installed.  At least until the next CU, it should be safe to disable the missing job rule for the User Profile Application.

EDIT: This has been fixed in the October 2011 CU by ignoring the UserProfileADImportJob in the Health Check:


  1. hi Trevor, great finding!
    why is it safe to disable this job?
    you think that the job will not run?
    have you tested it further?

  2. It looks like Microsoft has discovered this bug, and will fix it in later CU's. Until then, their official word is to just ignore the health-check rule.

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