Removing Name ActiveX Control

If you have a public-facing SharePoint site, you may want to remove the Name ActiveX Control from the site. Users will otherwise get the Internet Explorer gold bar like this:


Not very pretty, and most people will not want to mark your site as a Trusted site. This will only occur on systems with Office 2003 or 2007 installed.

To remove the presence control entirely, open:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Web Server Extensions\12\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\1033\INIT.JS

Do a search for ProcessImn. Once you find the below code, comment out both functions, so it reads like this:

function ProcessImn()
//    if (EnsureIMNControl() && IMNControlObj.PresenceEnabled)
//    {
//        imnElems=document.getElementsByName("imnmark");
//        imnElemsCount=imnElems.length;
//        ProcessImnMarkers();
//    }
function ProcessImnMarkers()
//    for (i=0;i
//    {
//        if (imnCount==imnElemsCount)
//            return;
//        IMNRC(imnElems[imnCount].sip,imnElems[imnCount]);
//        imnCount++;
//    }
//    setTimeout("ProcessImnMarkers()",imnMarkerBatchDelay);

Save the file and your guests will no longer see the Name ActiveX Control gold bar. If you do not want this to apply globally (e.g. if you’re running a farm for both internal and anonymous usage), follow the instructions at Microsoft’s KB931509.

Note the above change is immediate. You do not need to restart SharePoint or IIS.