SharePoint Error “An error has occurred in the claim providers configured for this site collection” – Easy fix!

Well, easy if you’re not using nor have configured Claims Based Authentication.  If you’re not using Claims Based Authentication and you get the message “An error has occurred in the claim providers configured for this site collection.”, make sure your alternate access mappings are configured correctly.  For example, if the Central Administration is at http://sharepoint:8080/, but you’re using the FQDN (http://sharepoint.domain.local:8080/), you may run into this error when attempting to resolve user’s name via the People Picker.  Simply add the appropriate alternate access mapping to prevent this error from occurring.


  1. thanks alot you r right

  2. Thanks!! I had changed my AAM but was still using the old url. After I switched to the right AAM, the error went away.

  3. Excelent….Thanks a lot !!!

  4. Yes, you're so right! I just change the central admin to FQDN and I can use picker now!

  5. Really help me. Thanx.

  6. solved my issue.

  7. For some reason this is not working for me :(

  8. still I am facing same problem…When i want to create site collection for webapplication same issue coming..plz help me…

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  10. Thanks, great trick

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